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Recommendation Types

This section will guide through all recommendation types offered by Synerise AI platform. Complete list is shown below:

Recommendation type Use case
Similiar products Recommend the customer other similar products to the currently viewing one so that the customer will quickly find related offers which will help him to make a decision faster
Complementary products Recommend the customer complementary products to the currently viewing one to increase order size
Cart recommendations Increase order size by recommending additional products to customer's shopping cart
Personalized recommendations Increase revenue by offering personalized product recommendations based on customer's purchase preferences and behaviour
Visual recommendations Increase customer appeal by recommending products based on their visual similarities
Social proof Informs your potential customer of attention paid to certain product or interests shown by buying specific products within specified time range.
Metric All the profiles have predefined metrics. You can create a campaign that returns products based only on a given metric, for example: “Sold items value in the last 30 days”. The campaign will return the demanded number of best products, set in the campaign, based on this metric.
Last seen This type returns the desired number of products last seen by the given client.

Recommendation Types

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