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Creating Campaigns


This section will explain how to run recommendation campaigns on Your website.

Creating Campaigns

In order to manage campaign please go to Campaings section to which allows:

  • view list of all running campaigns
  • create new campaigns
  • edit campaign attributes

Campaigns - Basics

After clicking Create new campaign

  • Recommendation type - more about recommedation types here
  • Campaign Name - text which can be later displayed on website e.g Special offer for You
  • Start date - date when campaign shall start
  • End date - date when campaign shall end (optional)
  • Minimum products number - minimum products to display in campaign (campaign will automatically hide itself if there will be less products to display than minimum number)
  • Maximum products number - maximum number of products to display in campaign

Campaigns - Filters

In Filters section you can customize results of recommendation algorithms. Please refer to Advanced filtering section for more details.

Boosting and Sorting

Below the filters you can see an option to turn on Boosting and Sorting.

Boosting will influence the score of a product that is given by the model. Boost strength is a value that you can set and ranges from -1 to 10. Based on the new score, the top products, in the number set in the campaign, will be returned.

Sorting - when this option is turned on, it can use metrics from the same predefined ones as boosting, to sort the end number of products by the specified metric for sorting. So if 4 products were demanded, then the 4 are chosen by the model, combined with boosting if that option was chosen, and then these 4 products will be sorted by the metric specified.

Campaigns - Implementation

To display recommendations on your page please define the selector - a HTML element for which recommendations will be displayed. Then pick the position relating to the element. If you want you can modify the default HTML template of the recommendations widget. When everything is done click the "Create campaign" button

If you want you can modify the default HTML template of the recommendations widget by clicking Edit widget code. When ready click the "Create campaign" button.

Creating Campaigns

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